Welcome to Sandbox, Kristina!

Sandbox is pleased to welcome Kristina Fjellman to our artistic family. Kristina has collaborated with Sandbox three times in the past: War With The Newts, The Horse, The Bird, The Monkey and the Dancer, and this past summer’s Suitcase series.

Kristina Fjellman is a graduate of the College of St. Catherine with a MAED in Art and Theater Education. She has exhibited her sculpture in venues around the Midwest and Twin Cities including DeVos Art Museum, MCAD, the AZ Gallery, and various local coffee shops. She was also one of the four proud recipients of a Jerome Fiber Art Project Grant for 2010-2011 at the MN Textile Center. As a performer, she can be seen in the upcoming production of Theatre of the Tiny Clandestines by The Winding Sheet Outfit, and Sandbox’s This Is A World To Live In. When she is not in the studio or rehearsal she is the Art and Drama teacher at an elementary school in St. Paul.

Welcome Kristina!