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french countryside

French Getaway

Sandbox founding member Heather Stone takes time away to rest, recharge and ready herself for another busy year.     Heather Stone is a founding member of Sandbox Theatre. In 2016, she’ll be part of the creation ensemble for our May production Queens, at Park Square, and creating and performing in our fall ARTshare production 600 Years. Read more →


Heather: On Firsts, On Hopes, On Hives

First rehearsal is the best. I have paper and a new pen. Snacks are prepared. A change of clothes are folded into a new bag – my rehearsal bag! I have lists – both mental and written down. I have my water bottle. I forgot my socks. I have hopes and ideas for the show and I’m starting to feel… Read more →


Sandbox Magazine — Our Take on Interview Mag

The Sandbox cast and crew for This Is A World To Live In recently participated in an homage (aka blatant knock-off) of Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine. Each member of the production ensemble was paired up and given fifteen minutes to ask the other player anything they wanted. It’s a little more meat than the average bio, and was a whole… Read more →


Lisa Day as Interviewed by Heather Stone

Lisa Day is a writer and stage manager and served as SM for This Is A World To Live In. Heather: Hi, Lisa! Lisa: Hi! H: How are you? L: I’m good. H: Good. I’m really excited to get to know you and ask you some questions. L: Awesome! H: Awesome. Thanks for coming over. And hanging out. In the… Read more →


Heather Stone as Interviewed by Sam Landman

Heather Stone is a founding member of Sandbox Theatre and originated the role of Heather Fawn for This Is A World To Live In. Sam: All right, so I got Heather Stone here and, uh, I’ve got some questions for her. So here we go. Heather, we met specifically through an ex-girlfriend – we won’t name names, but we technically… Read more →


My First Sauna

Heather Stone is a founding member of Sandbox Theatre, and can be seen this fall in Sandbox’s This Is A World To Live In. I had my first old school sauna experience at our retreat in August. (Don’t worry – we wore swim suits). We’d been going up to Tofte Lake Center at Norm’s Fish Camp for three years already… Read more →

City Hall on Marriage Equality Night

City Hall Celebration

I went to City Hall last night, er, this morning, to ring in marriage equality in Minnesota! I went with Ryan Hill and Andrew Lawrence Schiff, who are getting hitched in October, and fellow Sandboxer Tim Donahue and his band mates from The Eclectic Ensemble. We pulled up on our bikes (Nice Ride for me!) … the food trucks were… Read more →


June Grows Up

Last Friday and Saturday I had the chance to witness something wonderful, and I’d like to tell you about it. First, let me back up to 2009. I received a call from my friend Heather Stone asking if I’d be interested in doing a Minnesota Fringe show called June of Arc with her company, Sandbox Theatre. How this call came… Read more →


Video: Heather on June of Arc

Heather Stone talks about her role as 1950’s icon June Cleaver in June of Arc. See Heather as June this November at Teatro Zuccone in Duluth, MN. And if you haven’t already poked around our previous show histories, do. You can read personal accounts from actors, designers, musicians — all the collaborators who help create our productions. It’s behind the curtain insight and… Read more →

Heather Stone

Heather: Untethered

Heather Stone is not only an artist and top-notch performer, she’s also a prolific theatergoer. She’s easily the most active of our ensemble, and is a familiar face to just about anyone who sees shows in the twin cities. So what does Heather look for when she sees a show? Heather Stone: I go in with high hopes for my… Read more →