Sandbox Magazine — Our Take on Interview Mag

The Sandbox cast and crew for This Is A World To Live In recently participated in an homage (aka blatant knock-off) of Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine. Each member of the production ensemble was paired up and given fifteen minutes to ask the other player anything they wanted. It’s a little more meat than the average bio, and was a whole lot of fun to do. Read them all!

Sandbox Interviews
Tim DonahueKristina FjellmanMatthew GloverPeter HeeringaSam LandmanTheo Langason Megan Campbell LagasDerek Lee MillerHeather StoneRyan HillAndrew DolanLisa DayEvie DigirolamoDanielle SiverJodi Trotta

With photos by Richard Fleischman*

*Tim Donahue, Derek Lee Miller, Danielle Siver, Evie Digirolamo, Jodi Trotta photos by Matthew Glover