Ensemble Theatre Creation Workshop


Workshop: Sandbox Ensemble Theatre Creation
December 6th – 10am-5pm
The Cowles Center, Studio 5B • 528 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis MN 55403
$40 for Adults BUY • $25 for Students BUYLimit 25

About the Workshop
This workshop will introduce you to the methods Sandbox uses to generate our original ensemble work. You’ll learn the essentials of Bogart/Landau Viewpoints to develop a shared language of communication with your collaborators, then dive into Sandbox Stations work, creating original compositions and sharing them with your fellow artists.
This workshop is best suited for more advanced artists, but participants of all abilities aged 17+ are welcome.

About Sandbox LAB
Sandbox has been creating new art via our unique creation process since 2005. The Sandbox Process is an ensemble method grown from years of study and practice, honing elements of physical theatre, music, design and text into performances that are creative, imaginative, and innovative. Each year, we offer artists of all genres the opportunity to learn and grow in their craft as we study the subtleties of movement, voice, and composition. Challenge yourself to reconnect with your innate ability to collaborate, generate new material, and defuse your negative internal criticism.

Sandbox LAB is conducted with experienced members of the Sandbox Theatre ensemble, and will give participants the tools to help them create the unexpectedly poignant and beautiful a-ha! moments that are hallmarks of ensemble-created performance.



Oakland friends, Ryan Hill, Sandbox Theatre’s founding Artistic Director, now makes his home in the East Bay. An award-winning writer and theatre-maker, Ryan is hosting his first reading in his (relatively) new home. Read below for details.


Join me on November 19th at The Flight Deck – in my new hometown of Oakland – to hear some short plays of mine read by some artists I’ve known for a long time (Sandbox founding member Heather Stone will be there), some artists I’ve just met, and (likely) some artists I met that night. It’s a glorified excuse for a theater social hour. Come hang out at a great new venue, hear six odd little plays and help educate me about the state of theater in the Bay Area. -Ryan



Heather: On Firsts, On Hopes, On Hives

Heather Stone 160x240First rehearsal is the best. I have paper and a new pen. Snacks are prepared. A change of clothes are folded into a new bag – my rehearsal bag! I have lists – both mental and written down. I have my water bottle. I forgot my socks. I have hopes and ideas for the show and I’m starting to feel butterflies in my stomach. I have nerves, too.

Taking on the role of director for the first time solo for Sandbox has me excited and terrified. But the way we work – as an ensemble – with everyone taking ownership of what we do and how we do it, from the ground up, I am pretty confident that I won’t break out into hives. Pretty sure.

If you know me, and you just read that, you might have rolled your eyes. There is a bit of insecurity – I’m human! I’m used to performing and creating. This time I will be guiding our work and asking a lot from the ensemble. There will be lots of questions and I won’t have or know all of the answers. I’m okay with that.

There will be struggles and triumphs, aha moments, frustrations and backtracking. There will be laughter and confusion and grumpiness. There will be play. There will be moments of bold failure. There will be trust.

We will create this beast together. For these next few months, we will be family. However the show turns out, I hope we move on to our next adventures with respect, love and a renewed passion for each other as human beings and creators, for the work that we built together and the overall awesome satisfaction you get (I get!) from original, new work created as an ensemble. I hope to see you at our show at the Red Eye this November. I’d love to talk with you about it after you’ve seen it.
Onward and upward, all