Sandbox is available for teaching workshops in schools, adult education classes, libraries, corporate settings, and other educational and social organizations. Workshops can be as short as a few hours, or as long as a week. We’ll tailor a curriculum to your needs and budget.

What we do
During a Sandbox workshop, we will introduce and explore various methods of creation through exercises focused on connecting to the physical. These exercises are designed to help raise awareness of our bodies in time and space, and the direct effect those elements have on telling a story. For example, how can a specific gesture or spatial arrangement alter the character’s relationship? How can focusing on tempo and repetition surprise and challenge the audience? By broadening our vision to include the physical world, we deepen the emotional impact and immediacy our performances have on us and our audiences.

In addition, participants will learn and experience strong ensemble building skills.  Learning the value of self-expression while still maintaining a responsibility to the group, each artist develops an understanding of themselves as a unique and valuable part of the greater whole.

The Sandbox ensemble has a wide range of talents and performance discipline backgrounds; from theater and dance, to playwriting and filmmaking, to music and puppetry. This diversity enables us to tailor our workshops to specific projects and gives our instructors invaluable resources to reference.

  • Learn strong ensemble (team) building skills
  • Strengthen your ability to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn to give and receive criticism in positive and constructive ways
  • Expand your theatrical vision

Contact Heather Stone for more information, or to book a workshop.