Word of the Day: Dare More

Dare more. Examine my relationship with caution. These are my big take-aways as I observe and support Sandbox’ creative process. I’m Stage Managing their production of This is a World to Live In. The world of the play and the Sandbox development process relies on imagination, trust and a sense of play. Many of the artists have been working with each other for years and strive to push themselves and each other past their boundaries and habits to create theater that surprises, delights and challenges their audience.

The experience is stretching me. A writer, I’m used to a creative process where I hide in solitude with my ideas until I’ve crafted them into a presentable condition. There’s no hiding with these people. They ask that all members of the team share what they have and allow the intelligence of the group to sift through the material to create an evening that defies expectation. As I watch this glittering world being built around me, I feel inspired by the creators to push through my own timidity and give myself permission to be part of the fun. At least that’s what I’ve been thinking about. I haven’t been doing it yet. Perhaps, I’ll learn from the creative team and “Do rather than think.”

Lisa Day is a writer, cyclist and stage manager. Currently, she is stage managing Sandbox’s This Is A World To Live In, running October 18-November 16, 2013 at the Minneapolis City Center, Suite 165.