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May 15-30, 2015
Park Square Theatre in the Historic Hamm Building
Andy Boss Thrust Stage
St Paul, MN

Sandbox Theatre’s 10th Anniversary Season kicks off with WAR WITH THE NEWTS, an ensemble-created exploration of Karel Čapek’s 1936 sociopolitical sci-fi tale of corruption, selfishness and absurdism.

While on a pearl hunting expedition South of Sumatra, a sea captain happens upon an intelligent breed of anthropomorphic newts, whose discovery by humans leads to their exploitation, assimilation, evolution, and eventual demise.

Told with Sandbox’s signature stylized design, movement and language, War With the Newts is a sprawling, sharp-witted satire on the hubris of nationalism, the dangers of consumerism, and explores the roots of humanity’s self-destructive nature.

“This story is already fanciful, so there is plenty of room for Sandbox’s expressive creativity to explode,” says Park Square Artistic Director Richard Cook. “I love the ambition of it all and trust Sandbox to pull it off in style.”



WAR WITH THE NEWTS is produced by Sandbox Theatre as a part of Park Square Theatre’s Theatres in Residence Series. Sandbox, along with Girl Friday Productions and Theatre Pro Rata will bring diverse aesthetic approaches and artistic forms, fresh talent as well as favorite faces to Park Square’s seasons over the next three years.

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Photo by Jeff Larson for MN Fringe



February 15-20, 2015

Southern Theater
Minneapolis, MN
Along with a special preview screening of June of Arc

France, 1764. In the waning days of the golden age of the French kings, an unearthly monster begins hunting the people of the tiny province of Gevaudan. King Louis sends his personal bodyguard, Francois Antoine, with a small army to kill the beast before public outrage over the killings can undermine the monarchy. However, Antoine finds himself upstaged by a 20-year-old peasant girl with more resourcefulness than all the King’s army.

Based on true events
Created by the ensemble
Directed by Amber Bjork

Heather Bunch
Megan Campbell Lagas
Theo Langason
Derek Lee Miller

Costumes and stage design by Kristina Fjellman

Marie-Jeanne Valet, Who Defeated La Bête du Gevaudan opened at the 2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival on August 1st, and closed on August 10th at The Southern Theater in Minneapolis.

The show won both audience and critical acclaim, and earned itself a place in the list of the Fringe’s top ten selling shows, finishing ninth overall.