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May 19-June 4
Park Square Theatre
Andy Boss Thrust
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An African-American boxer fighting for his place in the world of Jim Crow
Presented in the round on the Andy Boss Thrust Stage

For Raymond Queens boxing is not about belts or titles; it’s a job. A job that provides food, a room, a purpose. Boxing provides a chance for him to say he was here, that his life matters. Set in the early 1900s, Queens is the story of a man fighting his way up from bare knuckles to gloves to his own sense of worth.

This production is built from scratch by the Sandbox ensemble, featuring Neal Hazard, Peter Heeringa, Derek Lee Miller, Heather Stone, Heidi Eckwall and more.
Led by Matthew Glover and Directed by Theo Langason.



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600Years at ARTshare

600 Years

August 26-September 18
Southern Theater
as a part of ARTshare
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What if humanity was inherently good? Sandbox steps 600 years into the future to tell the story off a world absent of murder and deceit. A world reclaimed by wilderness, where extraordinary women journey across flooded landscapes and vast jungles filled with unprecedented dangers to save humanity from extinction.

600 Years features Heather Stone, Megan Campbell Lagas, Evie Digirolamo, Kristina Fjellman, Danielle Siver and others, and is led by Tim Donahue and Amber Bjork.