City Hall Celebration

City Hall on Marriage Equality Night

The packed City Hall rotunda.

I went to City Hall last night, er, this morning, to ring in marriage equality in Minnesota! I went with Ryan Hill and Andrew Lawrence Schiff, who are getting hitched in October, and fellow Sandboxer Tim Donahue and his band mates from The Eclectic Ensemble. We pulled up on our bikes (Nice Ride for me!) … the food trucks were lined up, there were flags waving and people milling about on the sidewalk. The doors of City Hall were wide open and I could see throngs of people inside. We hustled in, and it was so bright and warm and welcoming. People were everywhere – dressed in suits and dresses, MARRY US tees, corsages, with cameras flashing away. We were witness to two loving couples – complete strangers to me – sharing their vows, tears, joy, love and their excitement to get married with us. And we all shouted and clapped and cried and hooted and shared so much love and joy with them. I was on tip toe, straining my neck to see the nuptials, smiling so broadly and feeling so lucky to share such a special time with these two couples. It was really uplifting to be around so much love and support and I left feeling inspired and full of hope and proud to live in this state. Onward!!! Love!

– Heather

Heather Stone is a founding member of Sandbox Theatre. She can be seen this fall in Sandbox’s newest ensemble-created play, This Is A World To Live In.