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Heather Stone, Sean Byrd, Jim Bovino, Sara Richardson, Wade A. Vaughn in Victoria In Red: Sandbox Theatre 2005.

The Story of the Floating Apple

In the earliest days of Sandbox Theatre, the four founding members of the company were busy creating what would become our first production, 2005’s dreamy and dark Victoria In Red. From the start, Sandbox set out to be a design-focused company, always stretching ourselves to find unique ways to pull our audience out of their world, and into ours. No… Read more →

In The Treetops

Wanda Gág, Sandbox and the GAI

When Wanda Gág wrote the forward to her Grimm’s Fairy Tales, she paid homage to the storytellers of her youth. Elder members of her German-Bohemian community were called Grandma Folks, and Wanda loved hearing their elaborate tales of Germanic legends and folklore called Märchen. She writes that sitting down to hear one of the Grandma Folks speak was like biting… Read more →

UnBoxed 2017 Banner

This Train Don’t Stop

What a Night! UnBoxed 2017 was a fabulous night, filled with music, performance and incredible artwork. The event was a huge success, helping raise over $5500 for our new fall production In The Treetops! Sandbox is heading toward a very bright future — in the next year, we’ve got plans for imaginative new programs, bringing ensemble creation to more people,… Read more →


UnBoxed 2017

The biggest Sandbox party of the year is back!   UnBoxed features great food, live entertainment and an incredible silent art auction, showcasing original commissioned pieces created by a talented network of artists from around the Twin Cities and the nation. Monday, April 24 6:30-9:00PM Jac Flats Gallery (Map) Facebook event This year’s theme centers around our Fall 2017 production IN THE… Read more →

Mercutio Digirolamo

The Art of Walking

“Have you met Evie? She loooves dogs!” This is how my husband introduced me for nearly a year in a strange brainwashing attempt to get me to agree to bring a bundle of canine into my life. Strangely, it worked. My dog—nerdily named Mercutio from Romeo and Juliet who, yes, plays dead when you say “A plague on both your… Read more →


Big Money Review Round Up

  The reviews from Big Money’s opening weekend are here! We’ve been fortunate to have so many members of the press and theatre blogging community in to see this world premiere show. Have a look at their reactions to Big Money, then reserve your seats at or with the box office at 651-291-7005. Be sure to use code SBT… Read more →

Peter Heeringa as Michael Larson in Sandbox Theatre's Big Money (Photo by Matthew Glover 2016)

Michael Larson: The Man Who Inspired Big Money

  I first discovered Michael Larson’s story on one of those random internet listicles with a click-baity title, something like “10 Most INSANE Moments in Gameshow History!” I don’t know why I bothered to read it. I wasn’t interested in gameshows, per se; but I caught a glimpse of this disheveled little man in a bushy beard who was blowing… Read more →

Revisionary Theatre Collective presents Teenage misery at the Sandbox

Teenage Misery In The Sandbox

  This weekend, The Sandbox hosts Revisionary Theatre Collective   Revisionary Theatre Collective presents Teenage Misery Bye, Bye, Birdie meets Stephen King’s Misery in this pitch black, new musical comedy. When Carrie and her friends win the chance to meet their pop idol, Shane West, before he leaves the music industry and joins the Peace Corps, they realize they may… Read more →

Evelyn Digirolamo and Michelle de Joya in 600 Years - Photo by Dan Norman for Sandbox Theatre at ARTshare

Press Round-Up: 600 Years – (UPDATED)

  600 Years heads into its final weekend at The Southern Theater as a part of ARTshare. Here is a round-up of 600 Years news and reviews. Just three performances remaining – get your tickets now before it’s gone.   Reviews Cherry & Spoon No Filter Reviews City Pages Talkin’ Broadway  600 Years in the news 10 Questions with Derek… Read more →

600 YEARS Ushers

600 Years: Ushers Needed

Sandbox seeks ushers for our performances of  600 Years, opening August 26th at The Southern Theater as a part of the 2017 ARTshare season. Ushering is a great way to get involved with Sandbox and see the show for free!   Available Usher Shifts Sun, Aug 28 @ 1:00p Tue, Sept 6 @ 6:30p Wed, Sept 7 @ 6:30p Sat,… Read more →

600 Years at the Southern Theater

Passing the Bechdel Test

This post is shared with permission from 600 Years ensemble member Danielle Siver’s Facebook.   About a week ago, something occurred to me. If you’re not familiar with the Bechdel Test, it refers to applying a set of rules to a film (or video game, or comic, or play, in this case) to evaluate the gender representation. In order to… Read more →


Megan And Roy Lagas On The Digital 1s and 2s

The cast and crew of 600 Years is full of first-timers. It’s Tim Donahue’s first show as a project lead, the first Sandbox show for Michelle de Joya, Ashawnti Ford and Danielle Siver, and it’s Megan Campbell Lagas’ first time as musical director. She’s been creating a live score and original songs for the production and — from the sounds of it — her 6yr old son Roy has his hands in the musical cookie jar, too. Here are a pair of songs created for the show, re-imagined by Roy. Fair warning, these are impossibly cute.


Roy’s Chug


Roy’s Sunflower Song


600 Years opens August 26 at The Southern Theater as a part of ARTshare. More info here.


Theo Langason, Emily Madigan and Neal Hazard in Queens - phoyto by Dan Norman

When 40 Feels Like a Lot

Last Thursday night we were pleased to play hosts to a group of young men from Patrick Henry High School. They were there as a part of Project Success – a terrific organization that helps inspire kids to dream, and motivates them as they plan their futures. This group of five made up over 10% of that night’s audience —… Read more →


The Awakening of Spring at The Sandbox

The Awakening of Spring Written by Frank Wedekind Adapted and Directed by Anna Gregory May 20 @ 7:30p May 21 @ 2:00p and 7:30p @ The Sandbox 3109 E 42nd St Minneapolis MN 55406 Tickets are $3 for students, $6 for adults. Cash only, please. The Awakening of Spring follows the story of several young adolescents as they deal with sexuality,… Read more →

Queens Casting Call

CASTING CALL: SANDBOX THEATRE’S QUEENS – Musical Performance Artist of Color (UPDATED)

Sandbox Theatre is casting for one musical performance artist of color for our May 2016 show Queens. Queens runs May 19-June 4 on Park Square Theatre’s Andy Boss Thrust We are seeking solo performers who can create with us in the rehearsal room, then perform with us throughout the run. Cellists, violinists, guitarists, harmonicists, singers — we need you! Focus… Read more →

UnBoxed 2016 A Benefit for Sandbox Theatre

UnBoxed 2016

The Sandbox party of the year is here again   UnBoxed is back with more art, live performances and complimentary food and drinks! UnBoxed 2016 – A benefit for Sandbox Theatre Monday, April 25 6:30-9:00p @ the Jac Flats Gallery*   *Due to max capacity limits, UnBoxed has outgrown The Sandbox (gulp)   Tickets are just $20 — buy here or… Read more →

Theo Langason in Queens - photo by Matthew Glover for Sandbox Theatre-1

The Difference

I was sitting in my living room, thinking about Queens; and all at once, like a punch in the gut, this song came rushing out of me. I’m really looking forward to making this show!  Here is a rough bedroom (literally) recording of the fruits of that rush of inspiration. Enjoy!     Theo Langason is an ensemble member of… Read more →

Megan Campbell Lagas, Evelyn Digirolamo, Kristina Fjellman in Killer Inside (Photo by Matthew Glover for Sandbox Theatre 2014)

Practicing Contentment

Today I did 108 sun salutations in a crowded church basement with a bunch of strangers. Ok, I child-posed for like 5 or 6, and had a banana break for another 3 or 4, but still…I sweated a lot and my arms feel like wet noodles now. I am content. This is something that five years ago, hell five days… Read more →


Give the Gift of ARTshare This Holiday Season

  Treat someone special to a Southern Theater 2016 Season ARTshare Membership A special offer for fans of Sandbox from The Southern Theater! A 2016 ARTshare membership opens the door to a world of performance at the historic Southern Theater. With your annual subscription you can enjoy performances from 25+ companies over the course of the year. An ARTshare membership… Read more →


The Pursuit of Doneness

Preface: This is about a short film shot and edited by a great group of artists who worked for free, or for deep discounts. It’s also about an incredible actor who is not only wonderful in said film, but also the person who encouraged its imminent release. But mostly, this is about living inside your own head. We shot a… Read more →


Upcoming Events in The Sandbox: 11/21-12/13

Upcoming events at The Sandbox   The Theatre of the Tiny Clandestines Presented by The Winding Sheet Outfit November 21 Noon-2pm A collection of tiny stories told in a tiny tent. Stories include: The Wuggly Ump, The Tale of Two Bad Mice, Happy Blood Moon, The Morrigan, and The Most Triumphant Victory Over the Big Bad Bug. Suitable for all… Read more →

Emily Zimmer and Shelby Rose Richardson in Moonsplaining.

Moonsplaining in the Sandbox

Coming this weekend to The Sandbox   Moonsplaining Created/Played by Emily Zimmer + Shelby Richardson Creation led by Jason Ballweber Sound and Music by Dan Dukich Lights by Heidi Eckwall Aerial Coaching and Rigging by Jim Domenick Illustration by Jay Eisenberg Photos by Rebecca Lawrence Created with support from the Minnesota State Arts Board   What happens to the earth… Read more →

french countryside

French Getaway

Sandbox founding member Heather Stone takes time away to rest, recharge and ready herself for another busy year.     Heather Stone is a founding member of Sandbox Theatre. In 2016, she’ll be part of the creation ensemble for our May production Queens, at Park Square, and creating and performing in our fall ARTshare production 600 Years. Read more →

Katie Kaufmann in The Little Pilot (Photo by Dan Norman for Sandbox Theatre ARTshare-2015)

Memories From The Little Pilot Green Room

Prior to The Little Pilot, it had been 2 years since I was on the stage with Sandbox. Performing in the Sandbox is different than my other performative outlets and something I was anticipating with massive excitement. The experience was everything I had hoped for and more. Performing The Little Pilot had a rare (for me) aspect to it that truly… Read more →

Ryan Hill in Betaville for word|move Oakland (Photo by Barry Ebner - 2015)

A Radio Storm in Oakland

Earlier this month, the Bay Area got it’s first taste of word|move-Oakland, a new collaboration project between Sandbox’s founding Artistic Director Ryan Hill and Bay Area dancer Diane McKallip. Similar in form to our word|move project in conjunction with 2012’s Beatnik Giselle, word|move-Oakland pairs movers and writers to create dynamic new performance pieces. Ryan’s piece Betaville is below. You can… Read more →

The Little Pilot (Photo by Dan Norman for Sandbox Theatre ARTshare-2015)

Press Round-Up – The Little Pilot

Photots by Dan Norman for Sandbox Theatre – ARTshare at The Southern 2015   Here’s a round-up of critical responses and comments from our audiences from Week 1 of The Little Pilot, playing through October 4 at The Southern Theater.   “A stunning visual feast” Lisa Brock – StarTribune “The Little Pilot Defies Gravity” Ed Huyck – City Pages “Out… Read more →

Gouache Detail by Kristina Fjellman for Sandbox Theatre - The Little Pilot 2015

Painting the Night Sky

The Little Pilot, Sandbox’s latest project playing September 11-October 4, 2015, features grand, colorful projections of original paintings by visual artist and Sandbox ensemble member, Kristina Fjellman onto 25-foot high aerial silks. It’s a stunning effect born from a love of outer space.   I wanted to be an astronomer when I grew up. Ever since I was a kid,… Read more →

The Little Pilot Rehearsal 10

It All Seems Slightly Mad

I distinctly remember a dream I had as child about running away to the circus to be an aerial performer, walking along an eerily beautiful line of women lit all in blue and taking my place on a suspended hoop, slowly beginning to spin as I was hoisted aloft. I have always loved to be up high: climbing trees, roller… Read more →


We Are Family

Where does the time go? We are in the middle of summer already! It’s a time for grilling, tubing down the Cannon River, heat and humidity, beer outside when you can stand the heat and humidity, a small respite from theatre (I’m working on a non-Sandbox related Fringe show – info below!) and for a lot of people – family… Read more →


And that’s the way it was: UnBoxed 2015

UB2015 - 11 (1)

The times were high at UnBoxed 2015, our blowout party and fundraiser in The Sandbox. The night was an enormous success, as you helped us raise over $4000 for our 2015 season. Incredible, thank you! Here are a few photos from the night…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This is all I can tell you

I consider myself fortunate to be the one to tell everyone about Sandbox’s new productions. It’s a bit like giving a friend a mixtape or introducing them to Still of the Night with Roy Scheider and Meryl Streep (Seriously, check that out if you haven’t. It’s great., only I’m doing so in a formal tone. Or as formal as… Read more →


Taking on a special role

Rehearsal for War with the Newts is underway and there is much for me to be happy and excited about. The cast will be performing all the music for this show. It has been a point of focus from our first workshops. Not everyone is a “musician” but that is not seen as a deterrent in Sandbox, it just means… Read more →


Celebrating the past (and busting it up)

My introduction to The War With the Newts was as a chewed up little book tucked in my in-laws’ guest room in Los Angeles. I recognized a Max Ernst painting on the cover. That was sometime around 2003, when we moved to Minneapolis. I fell in love with the ratty paperback. So out of date, so topical, so anachronistic, so…… Read more →


Sandbox Snowflakes

If you were to go through the Sandbox ensemble, you might notice what makes each person unique to the group- what their strengths are, or what they bring to the table, so to speak. My snowflake quality within Sandbox are my artistic talents. Creating new things is one of the main reasons I LOVE being part of Sandbox, but I… Read more →


Here we are again, Duluth

It’s a sunny day as we head out on interstate 35, rolling along toward its terminus near the shore of the greatest great lake. That’s good. We were worried that it might snow. You always hear dire warnings about the snow when you head up north this time of year, as if the entire northern half of Minnesota becomes a… Read more →


Marie-Jeanne Valet from the House

I had the pleasure of seeing Sandbox’s Marie-Jeanne Valet, Who Defeated La Bete du Gevaudan, at Duluth’s, Teatro-Zuccone. In addition to seeing a great show, I also visited a very dear group of friends I don’t get to see often enough. An incredibly creative group that I’ve been making art with for the past 15 years. The majority of these… Read more →


Artistic Play: Holistic and Healing

5 students dance to the music, following a blue circle taped to the floor. One slides on his knees into the middle striking an exuberant pose, starting an avalanche as the other students from the circle add their own frozen statues to the tableaux. The last student, a particularly thoughtful boy, walks to the back of the tableaux, and turns… Read more →


Post-Mortem Perspective

About a week after the end of a run, Sandbox likes to gather together and openly talk about the full experience of creating and performing the show. Personal reflections on the start-to-finish experience of conceiving, developing and performing a show. These are amazing meetings that inform us how to continue to refine, develop and more deeply explore the “Sandbox creation… Read more →


Force of Greyhounds

Ryan Hill, Sandbox Theatre’s founding Artistic Director, now makes his home in the East Bay. This is the story of his first Oakland reading. “So in the next panel, Garfield’s eating lasagna…” Nothing’s quite as uncomfortable and pointless as an artist talking about what they do. Especially playwrights. Musicians can hand over their headphones, painters can whip out the photos. Documenting… Read more →


Heather: On Firsts, On Hopes, On Hives

First rehearsal is the best. I have paper and a new pen. Snacks are prepared. A change of clothes are folded into a new bag – my rehearsal bag! I have lists – both mental and written down. I have my water bottle. I forgot my socks. I have hopes and ideas for the show and I’m starting to feel… Read more →


Derek: On Cryptids, Kung Fu and La Bete du Gevaudan

It’s a common question for Sandbox: “How did you come up with that idea?” Usually it’s as simple as one of us getting turned on by something and getting passionate about it. Enthusiasm is often contagious, as it was with Derek Lee Miller and La Bête du Gevaudan. I first heard of the Beast of Gevaudan from the French movie… Read more →



Recently, Sandbox’s Ryan Hill directed a middle school show at the Oakland School for the Arts. Here are his thoughts on his first time directing with kids. You know those gameshows where some desperate dude tries to get shocked out of a phobia by submitting himself to something torturous like locking a cage of tarantulas on his head? I just… Read more →



Every year, Tim Donahue sets out on his bicycle for some physical exertion and mental recharging. This year, his trip took him to the Pacific Coast of Northern California. Every year I do my best to get out on a bicycle tour for several consecutive weeks. A time for me to get far away from the daily distractions and really… Read more →


Considering the Life Cycle of the Set

Recently, I found myself backstage at a theater (that shall remain nameless), and I had a chance to inspect the set that was currently sitting on the stage. It was a very pretty set, well-designed and pleasing to the audience’s eye from the house. (Granted, the set itself was basically a backdrop with a couple of doors cut into it;… Read more →


Wedding Day

This past October, Sandbox founding members Ryan Hill and Andrew Lawrence Schiff were married in an outdoor ceremony along the banks of the Mississippi river. It was a wonderful day for them and for all of their Sandbox family. [soliloquy id=”2773″] Read more →


Keep Going

I’ve said too many goodbyes this year. In January I lost my friend Kate Urquhart to breast cancer. In March, my girlfriend Danielle’s uncle died young while on vacation in Hawaii. Most painfully, in July I lost Roo. Last night was one more. And though this goodbye was different — a ‘so long, farewell, we’ll see you again’ — it… Read more →


Jodi Trotta as Interviewed by Evie Digirolamo

Jodi Trotta is a seamstress, props designer and stage manager. She provided the Interview Magazine concept for This Is A World To Live In. Evie: And your full name is? Jodi: Jodi Trotta. E: How did you get involved in this project? J: My friend Matthew’s the artistic lead for the project. It’s been an idea he’s had for quite… Read more →


Danielle Siver as Interviewed by Jodi Trotta

Danielle Siver is a Twin Cities actor and Sandbox Theatre marketing assistant. She provided promotional assistance and interview transcribing for This Is A World To Live In. Jodi: All right. So. We were just handed religious flyers. Danielle: Yes. J: And there’s some great questions that I think we’ll start with. D: Ok. (laughs) J: (reading) “Do you want to… Read more →


Kristina Fjellman as Interviewed by Theo Langason

Kristina Fjellman is a Sandbox ensemble member. She created the role of Kristina Waterloo for This Is A World To Live In and served as its wardrobe consultant. Theo: Hello, Kristina. Kristina: Hi, Theo! T: Welcome to my front porch. K: Thank you. It’s lovely. T: This is where we’ll be doing our interview series entitled “Kristina Fjellman: The J… Read more →


Tim Donahue as Interviewed by Megan Campbell Lagas

Tim Donahue is Sandbox Theatre’s Music Director. He created the role of Tim Phast for This Is A World To Live In, as well as producing all its music. Tim: You should announce what this interview is. Megan: Oh! This interview is Tim and Megan. Tim being the interviewed and Megan doing the question-asking. So, Tim, where is home for… Read more →


Derek Lee Miller as Interviewed by Tim Donahue

Derek Lee Miller is Sandbox Theatre’s Artistic Director and originated the role of Derek Lee for This Is A World To Live In, as well as serving as the production’s master carpenter. Tim: There we go. This is Tim Donahue interviewing Derek Miller. Derek, I’ve observed you for several years. You’re a very talented man with a wide variety of… Read more →


Evie Digirolamo as Interviewed by Danielle Siver

Evie Digirolamo is a theater-maker and teacher. She served as a research assistant on This Is A World To Live In. Danielle: Ok. Hello, Evie. Evie: Hello. D: This is Evie’s interview by… me, obviously. I don’t know why I’m saying that because I’ll be the one listening to it. Um, so, I don’t know a lot about you outside… Read more →


Lisa Day as Interviewed by Heather Stone

Lisa Day is a writer and stage manager and served as SM for This Is A World To Live In. Heather: Hi, Lisa! Lisa: Hi! H: How are you? L: I’m good. H: Good. I’m really excited to get to know you and ask you some questions. L: Awesome! H: Awesome. Thanks for coming over. And hanging out. In the… Read more →


Heather Stone as Interviewed by Sam Landman

Heather Stone is a founding member of Sandbox Theatre and originated the role of Heather Fawn for This Is A World To Live In. Sam: All right, so I got Heather Stone here and, uh, I’ve got some questions for her. So here we go. Heather, we met specifically through an ex-girlfriend – we won’t name names, but we technically… Read more →


Peter Heeringa as Interviewed by Andrew Dolan

Peter Heeringa is a Sandbox ensemble member, and originated the role of Peter Glass for This Is A World To Live In. (Andrew hits record mid-conversation.) Andrew: What – Peter: The internet was not working on my computer at the Laundromat. A: Why not, Peter? P: Oh. Because I’m not a Laundromancer. (Peter grabs bottle of headache pills) P:  Oh…… Read more →


Matthew Glover as Interviewed by Peter Heeringa

Matthew Glover is a Sandbox ensemble member and originated the role of Matthew Temple, as well as serving as Project Lead for This Is A World To Live In. Peter: Matthew, you just got a fortune cookie. What was your fortune? Matthew: I actually don’t ever read them aloud. P: That’s a thing for you? M: (laughs) That’s a thing… Read more →


Theo Langason as Interviewed by Lisa Day

Theo Langason is a Sandbox ensemble member and originated the role of Theo Baby Charles for This Is A World To Live In. Lisa: Hi, this is Lisa and I get to interview Theo today. Theo, what’s your full name? Theo: Uh, my full name is Theodore Fusina Langason I. L: Wow! Fusina? T: Yes. Fusina. L: Do you know… Read more →


Ryan Hill as Interviewed by Matthew Glover

Ryan Hill is a founding member of Sandbox Theatre and served as director for This Is A World To Live In. Matthew: For the purposes of documentation, could you state your full name, please? Ryan: Ryan Hill. (the ambient sound of saxophone music) Let me get off my saxophone first. (laughs) M: Have you ever been interviewed before? R: Yes.… Read more →


Sam Landman as Interviewed by Ryan Hill

Sam Landman is an actor, writer and filmmaker, and originated the role of Samantha Shears for This Is A World To Live In. Ryan: Alright. For the record, please state your name. Sam: Sam Landman. R: Hello, Mr. Landman. How are you today? S: I’m good. How are you? R: Excellent. Do you have an interest in Architecture? S: I… Read more →


An Open Letter to Derek

This fall, we introduced Derek Lee Miller as Sandbox’s new Artistic Director. Sandbox founding member Ryan Hill, who had held the position since the company’s inception, penned this note to his friend and successor. Derek – I can’t wait to see how where you’ll take us as Artistic Director. As an ensemble, we’re overdue for change. We were founded to… Read more →


Word of the Day: Dare More

Dare more. Examine my relationship with caution. These are my big take-aways as I observe and support Sandbox’ creative process. I’m Stage Managing their production of This is a World to Live In. The world of the play and the Sandbox development process relies on imagination, trust and a sense of play. Many of the artists have been working with… Read more →


My First Sauna

Heather Stone is a founding member of Sandbox Theatre, and can be seen this fall in Sandbox’s This Is A World To Live In. I had my first old school sauna experience at our retreat in August. (Don’t worry – we wore swim suits). We’d been going up to Tofte Lake Center at Norm’s Fish Camp for three years already… Read more →

City Hall on Marriage Equality Night

City Hall Celebration

I went to City Hall last night, er, this morning, to ring in marriage equality in Minnesota! I went with Ryan Hill and Andrew Lawrence Schiff, who are getting hitched in October, and fellow Sandboxer Tim Donahue and his band mates from The Eclectic Ensemble. We pulled up on our bikes (Nice Ride for me!) … the food trucks were… Read more →


June Grows Up

Last Friday and Saturday I had the chance to witness something wonderful, and I’d like to tell you about it. First, let me back up to 2009. I received a call from my friend Heather Stone asking if I’d be interested in doing a Minnesota Fringe show called June of Arc with her company, Sandbox Theatre. How this call came… Read more →


Twin City Theater Pride

This February, I got to march in the first parade of Carnival in New Orleans, the Krewe de Vieux. It’s the sexed up, adult themed kick-off of Mardi Gras. The crazy elaborate costumes and floats are political, farcical and phallic. I danced through the French Quarter to our hot brass band, tossing out beads (people will do ANYTHING for beads)… Read more →


Matthew’s Five

It’s been a while since we did a Five Things We’re Grooving On post, so here’s one from Matthew. 1. Documentaries. I’ve been on a huge doc kick lately. Art, fashion, design, music, sports…I’ve been using a few of them as research points for the fall show, but most are just areas of my interest. A partial list of recents:… Read more →


Welcome to Sandbox, Theo!

Sandbox is pleased to announce the newest member of our creative family, Theo Langason. Theo comes to Sandbox by way of NE Minneapolis and Rutgers University. Taking no time at all to dig his heels in, Theo has already made his mark with his unforgettable role as Robert Kaufman in  2012’s Beatnik Giselle, and can be seen this February in… Read more →


Catharsis (And Other Stories)

Derek wrote a piece for Minnesota Playlist on catharsis. It’s a great read. Is it time to have another argument about catharsis? More rhapsodizing about the sublime effect of emotion sweeping over the audience? More counter-arguments from structuralists who think that emotion is pointless fluff distracting us from the real thing? Read on… Read more →


The Southern Wins

We had our sights set on covering the Southern proscenium like this: Why? Well, because we like to make a space ours. We like to stretch the audience’s expectations of what a space should look like. After some strain and some conference, we decided on this: Sometimes you get your way, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you realize after much effort… Read more →


Evie’s BG Blog: Touching Armpits

Week 7: Random Fun At one point in the process we had decided that a certain character would die. However, when this decision was announced, the actor involved was out of town due to a previous conflict. “Does so and so know this?” we asked. “Nope,” Lisa answered, “That’s what happens. You miss a rehearsal, we kill you.” When we… Read more →


BG: Dress Up Day!

[soliloquy id=”1830″] Back in 2009, when we were building .faust, costume designer Kathy Kohl started a rehearsal tradition that has proven to be one of our favorites: Dress Up Day. This past Saturday, Kathy wheeled in hundreds of pieces of wardrobe for the actors to try on and play in. Each cast member got 30 minutes to try anything they’d like, then spent another… Read more →


Rehearsal Look-in: Scene 4

A three-person love scene, where Neal and Allen make love as Giselle dreams of a lover in her bed. Rehearsing this was a big challenge for Kate (Giselle), as Evie (here, standing in) had developed the movements with Ryan and Derek on feel — in rhythm with the music — rather than text. Read more →


Evie’s BG Blog: Character Evolution

Characters are continuingly evolving. Katies Bradley’s character Jane took a complete 180′ last night. She had been playing Jane as very quiet and meek; however, last night as Ryan proposed bringing in some provocative racial slurs into the first scene of the girls Katie spoke up saying she feels strongly that Jane needs to respond. “I feel there is a… Read more →


Evie’s BG Blog: “Shake that rump!”

Week 4 As I watched Derek (Meyer), who is playing Neal Cassady, jump up on a table in the rehearsal and deliver his sensual, playful monologue about his “showgirl,” shaking his hips and laying down to wriggle across the tabletop, I was struck by the thought that…we’re working on blocking right now. I wanted to laugh. The fact is that… Read more →


Evie’s BG Blog: Facing the Issues

Week 2: At the very start of week 2 of Beatnik Giselle, I realized creating with Sandbox will be a deeply personal journey for each ensemble member. Two of my ensemble members began by sharing how uncomfortable they felt with the material they were personally creating during week 1. When they had been paired together, they had begun exploring racial… Read more →

More introductions

Evie’s BG Blog: Random Thoughts

I love the structure of Sandbox’s process because there is enough structure that I feel I’m not creating ex nihilo but there is also enough room for anything to happen. And I find in true Pirates of the Caribbean fashion that the rules are more guidelines anyway because I often hear Lisa in response to a question shrug her shoulders… Read more →


Evie’s BG Blog

Beatnik Giselle is Evie Digirolamo’s first time in the Sandbox. From time to time she’ll write about her experiences as she helps build this new play. Week 1: This process all started for me months ago with the strangest audition I have ever done. I was intrigued by the title of the work: Beatnik Giselle. It definitely stood out amongst… Read more →


Video: Ballet at Play

A look-in on Creation Day 1 with Beatnik Giselle’s dancers. This is all about getting a feel for one another; working with each other. Who acts first, who reacts first. What does it take to earn a reaction from another performer? Read more →

Inspiration Materials

Video: Playing With the Beats

From our first creation day on Beatnik Giselle. This is all play; improvisation, experimentation, learning to act and react off one another. What you see here may never make the stage, but the relaionships and characters built on days like this are the show’s foundation. Turn your speakers up. Read more →


Video: Heather on June of Arc

Heather Stone talks about her role as 1950’s icon June Cleaver in June of Arc. See Heather as June this November at Teatro Zuccone in Duluth, MN. And if you haven’t already poked around our previous show histories, do. You can read personal accounts from actors, designers, musicians — all the collaborators who help create our productions. It’s behind the curtain insight and… Read more →

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Underwater Success

Another domino in the whirlwind summer that is Sandbox has fallen, and dang if we’re not beat. Saturday, June 3 marked the second pool day for our artistic collaboration with Rhea Pappas and Kerry Riley. Warmer this time out, the five actors weathered the constant dunking, breath-holding and shivering like champs. Champion of the day was Rhea, who was in… Read more →


Family, Motherhood, and Art

One can either have great art or great life I’ve spent seven years meditating on this statement, and I always arrive at the same conclusion: it is true.  It is true because great art and great life both require great sacrifice and, ultimately, every artist will choose whether it is her art or her life which will give way to… Read more →


Underwater Adventure

After courting each other for over a year, the collaboration between Sandbox, photographer Rhea Pappas, and designer Kerry Riley is finally happening. Tomorrow, five actors will go into the pool under the guide of Rhea and Kerry to create a dreamlike tableau that will serve as artistic inspiration for Sandbox’s fall show Beatnik Giselle. We couldn’t be more excited to… Read more →


You’re a Genius all the Time

Jack Kerouac’s List of 30 Beliefs and Techniques for Prose and Life 1.Scribbled secret notebooks, and wild typewritten pages, for yr own joy 2.Submissive to everything, open, listening 3.Try never get drunk outside yr own house 4.Be in love with yr life 5.Something that you feel will find its own form 6.Be crazy dumbsaint of the mind 7.Blow as deep… Read more →


Ryan’s Five

Fresh off two months of intense Noh study, Ryan returns home to Minneapolis. Here are the five things keeping him going.  1. Ólafur Arnalds  Contemporary orchestral music from an Icelandic former death metal drummer. Oh the moodiness. 2. Daifuku  I love mochi in all its glutinous forms. I’m especially a sucker for fresh daifuku.  Still dreaming over a just-made little blob of heaven with sweet… Read more →


Tim’s Five

Short and sweet. Our music director Tim Donahue’s list of the five things he’s currently digging on for happiness & inspiration: 1. Cold temps 2. Skate sailing 3. Art Shanty Project on Medicine Lake 4. Steve Tibbetts, Natural Causes 5. Minneapolis Institute of Arts Read more →

Heather Stone

Heather: Untethered

Heather Stone is not only an artist and top-notch performer, she’s also a prolific theatergoer. She’s easily the most active of our ensemble, and is a familiar face to just about anyone who sees shows in the twin cities. So what does Heather look for when she sees a show? Heather Stone: I go in with high hopes for my… Read more →


Nicole’s Five

Every so often we’ll post the five things a Sandboxer is currently grooving on. Things that inspire them, make them happy, or just running through their minds. Today’s Five is from Nicole Devereaux. Nicole Devereaux: Five Things I’m Grooving On Right Now 1. Calla Lily photos – these images totally inspired me in my work with Hamline University students on… Read more →


Ryan in San Fran

Ryan Hill is in San Francisco with Theater of Yugen studying Noh for two months, courtesy of a Next Step grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council. He’s checking in semi-daily with video diaries. Here’s the first: Read more →