Post-Mortem Perspective

About a week after the end of a run, Sandbox likes to gather together and openly talk about the full experience of creating and performing the show. Personal reflections on the start-to-finish experience of conceiving, developing and performing a show. These are amazing meetings that inform us how to continue to refine, develop and more deeply explore the “Sandbox creation… Read more →


Force of Greyhounds

Ryan Hill, Sandbox Theatre’s founding Artistic Director, now makes his home in the East Bay. This is the story of his first Oakland reading. “So in the next panel, Garfield’s eating lasagna…” Nothing’s quite as uncomfortable and pointless as an artist talking about what they do. Especially playwrights. Musicians can hand over their headphones, painters can whip out the photos. Documenting… Read more →


Heather: On Firsts, On Hopes, On Hives

First rehearsal is the best. I have paper and a new pen. Snacks are prepared. A change of clothes are folded into a new bag – my rehearsal bag! I have lists – both mental and written down. I have my water bottle. I forgot my socks. I have hopes and ideas for the show and I’m starting to feel… Read more →

la bete statue

Derek: On Cryptids, Kung Fu and La Bete du Gevaudan

It’s a common question for Sandbox: “How did you come up with that idea?” Usually it’s as simple as one of us getting turned on by something and getting passionate about it. Enthusiasm is often contagious, as it was with Derek Lee Miller and La Bête du Gevaudan. I first heard of the Beast of Gevaudan from the French movie… Read more →

WWTN graphic

War With the Newts at Park Square in 2015

The 2015 season at St. Paul’s Park Square Theatre – Andy Boss Thrust Stage was announced earlier today, and we’re pleased to tell you that an all new, ensemble-created adaptation of War With the Newts will be our first production as a part of our partnership with Park Square. Details from the press release: Sandbox Theatre takes the stage first… Read more →



Recently, Sandbox’s Ryan Hill directed a middle school show at the Oakland School for the Arts. Here are his thoughts on his first time directing with kids. You know those gameshows where some desperate dude tries to get shocked out of a phobia by submitting himself to something torturous like locking a cage of tarantulas on his head? I just… Read more →

The Schiff-Hills


Every year, Tim Donahue sets out on his bicycle for some physical exertion and mental recharging. This year, his trip took him to the Pacific Coast of Northern California. Every year I do my best to get out on a bicycle tour for several consecutive weeks. A time for me to get far away from the daily distractions and really… Read more →


Considering the Life Cycle of the Set

Recently, I found myself backstage at a theater (that shall remain nameless), and I had a chance to inspect the set that was currently sitting on the stage. It was a very pretty set, well-designed and pleasing to the audience’s eye from the house. (Granted, the set itself was basically a backdrop with a couple of doors cut into it;… Read more →