Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Little Known Facts about The Little Pilot: Discovering Antoine

  I came into our project, The Little Pilot, knowing very little about Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the central character of our play. Now, months later, he seems like my beloved eccentric uncle whom I love to tell stories about. Here are some things I’ve learned about Antoine, author of The Little Prince, during the creation of The Little Pilot:   1.… Read more →

Art Mart at the Sandbox

Art Mart at the Sandbox

A Storefront Market at The Sandbox Sandbox is seeking crafters, visual artists, jewelers, culinary artisans, etc. $30 per 6′ table (can be shared/split)   The Sandbox is located in the former Mighty Swell Vintage in lovely Standish-Ericsson, South Minneapolis. This is an indoor, rain or shine event. Space is limited.   Email Matthew for details or to register //… Read more →

Gouache Detail by Kristina Fjellman for Sandbox Theatre - The Little Pilot 2015

Painting the Night Sky

The Little Pilot, Sandbox’s latest project playing September 11-October 4, 2015, features grand, colorful projections of original paintings by visual artist and Sandbox ensemble member, Kristina Fjellman onto 25-foot high aerial silks. It’s a stunning effect born from a love of outer space.   I wanted to be an astronomer when I grew up. Ever since I was a kid,… Read more →

The Little Pilot Rehearsal 10

It All Seems Slightly Mad

I distinctly remember a dream I had as child about running away to the circus to be an aerial performer, walking along an eerily beautiful line of women lit all in blue and taking my place on a suspended hoop, slowly beginning to spin as I was hoisted aloft. I have always loved to be up high: climbing trees, roller… Read more →

The Sandbox Aerial Rig 3

Transforming The Sandbox

I’ve always been a builder.   I remember as a kid laying out a round brick patio to cover up the hole in the ground where a pool used to be; screwing together old wood-framed windows into a little greenhouse; building bookcases for my room out of scrap lumber in the garage. There was nothing in my room that I… Read more →


We Are Family

Where does the time go? We are in the middle of summer already! It’s a time for grilling, tubing down the Cannon River, heat and humidity, beer outside when you can stand the heat and humidity, a small respite from theatre (I’m working on a non-Sandbox related Fringe show – info below!) and for a lot of people – family… Read more →


And that’s the way it was: UnBoxed 2015

UB2015 - 11 (1)

The times were high at UnBoxed 2015, our blowout party and fundraiser in The Sandbox. The night was an enormous success, as you helped us raise over $4000 for our 2015 season. Incredible, thank you! Here are a few photos from the night…


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WWTN Rehearsal19

This is all I can tell you

I consider myself fortunate to be the one to tell everyone about Sandbox’s new productions. It’s a bit like giving a friend a mixtape or introducing them to Still of the Night with Roy Scheider and Meryl Streep (Seriously, check that out if you haven’t. It’s great., only I’m doing so in a formal tone. Or as formal as… Read more →

wwtn blog1 (1)

Taking on a special role

Rehearsal for War with the Newts is underway and there is much for me to be happy and excited about. The cast will be performing all the music for this show. It has been a point of focus from our first workshops. Not everyone is a “musician” but that is not seen as a deterrent in Sandbox, it just means… Read more →


Celebrating the past (and busting it up)

My introduction to The War With the Newts was as a chewed up little book tucked in my in-laws’ guest room in Los Angeles. I recognized a Max Ernst painting on the cover. That was sometime around 2003, when we moved to Minneapolis. I fell in love with the ratty paperback. So out of date, so topical, so anachronistic, so…… Read more →

"Wavelength" - Kristina Fjellman

Sandbox Snowflakes

If you were to go through the Sandbox ensemble, you might notice what makes each person unique to the group- what their strengths are, or what they bring to the table, so to speak. My snowflake quality within Sandbox are my artistic talents. Creating new things is one of the main reasons I LOVE being part of Sandbox, but I… Read more →

Duluth Zuccone

Here we are again, Duluth

It’s a sunny day as we head out on interstate 35, rolling along toward its terminus near the shore of the greatest great lake. That’s good. We were worried that it might snow. You always hear dire warnings about the snow when you head up north this time of year, as if the entire northern half of Minnesota becomes a… Read more →


Marie-Jeanne Valet from the House

I had the pleasure of seeing Sandbox’s Marie-Jeanne Valet, Who Defeated La Bete du Gevaudan, at Duluth’s, Teatro-Zuccone. In addition to seeing a great show, I also visited a very dear group of friends I don’t get to see often enough. An incredibly creative group that I’ve been making art with for the past 15 years. The majority of these… Read more →

Evie Digirolamo

Artistic Play: Holistic and Healing

5 students dance to the music, following a blue circle taped to the floor. One slides on his knees into the middle striking an exuberant pose, starting an avalanche as the other students from the circle add their own frozen statues to the tableaux. The last student, a particularly thoughtful boy, walks to the back of the tableaux, and turns… Read more →


Post-Mortem Perspective

About a week after the end of a run, Sandbox likes to gather together and openly talk about the full experience of creating and performing the show. Personal reflections on the start-to-finish experience of conceiving, developing and performing a show. These are amazing meetings that inform us how to continue to refine, develop and more deeply explore the “Sandbox creation… Read more →


Force of Greyhounds

Ryan Hill, Sandbox Theatre’s founding Artistic Director, now makes his home in the East Bay. This is the story of his first Oakland reading. “So in the next panel, Garfield’s eating lasagna…” Nothing’s quite as uncomfortable and pointless as an artist talking about what they do. Especially playwrights. Musicians can hand over their headphones, painters can whip out the photos. Documenting… Read more →


Heather: On Firsts, On Hopes, On Hives

First rehearsal is the best. I have paper and a new pen. Snacks are prepared. A change of clothes are folded into a new bag – my rehearsal bag! I have lists – both mental and written down. I have my water bottle. I forgot my socks. I have hopes and ideas for the show and I’m starting to feel… Read more →

la bete statue

Derek: On Cryptids, Kung Fu and La Bete du Gevaudan

It’s a common question for Sandbox: “How did you come up with that idea?” Usually it’s as simple as one of us getting turned on by something and getting passionate about it. Enthusiasm is often contagious, as it was with Derek Lee Miller and La Bête du Gevaudan. I first heard of the Beast of Gevaudan from the French movie… Read more →



Recently, Sandbox’s Ryan Hill directed a middle school show at the Oakland School for the Arts. Here are his thoughts on his first time directing with kids. You know those gameshows where some desperate dude tries to get shocked out of a phobia by submitting himself to something torturous like locking a cage of tarantulas on his head? I just… Read more →